What We Do

Education Program

We are passionate about educating children and adults on the care and maintenance of domestic animals. We feel that if we teach how to properly care for pets, the number of incidents of neglect, abuse and injuries to animals will be reduced.  

Rehabilitation Program

The Sanctuary also rehabilitates animals in 
our care that have come from abusive or neglectful situations. We gently guide them to become well mannered and loyal pets. 

The Sanctuary Program

 Consists of housing animals in a clean, spacious environment, tailored to each animal’s specific needs. We provide diets that meet high nutritional standards, accompanied by the best medical care available. In addition, we practice preventative medicine on a daily basis, which is an important part of our program. Our organization has large and small veterinarians and other animal professionals on our advisory board to ensure that the animals will truly have a happy ending. 

The Horse Angels Program
"Kids Helping Horses Helping Kids"  

This program was inspired by our mutual passion for horses, and by a shared desire to improve the lives of children. Happy Endings Animal Sanctuary and American Charities Foundation have collaborated to provide an innovative equine program using rescued horses in need of a second chance to engage at-risk youth. 

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